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Get support from your Delegated Purchasing Officer or procurement team

If you need to buy a digital product or service, you should get support from the Delegated Purchasing Officer (DPO) for your organisation or business area, or your procurement team.  

You need support from a DPO if the value of the product or service you want to procure is below £250K. If it's above 250K, you should contact your procurement team.

Delegated Purchasing Officers  

Only a Delegated Purchasing Officer (DPO) has the authority to award a contract.  

A DPO is anybody who:  

  • is a permanent member of staff in your organisation or business area

  • has completed training and has been awarded the authority to purchase  

  • carries out a minimum of three procurements per year  

Your organisation or business area should be able to direct you to your DPO.

If your organisation or business area does not have a DPO, you should ask for procurement support from your procurement team.  

Procurement Teams

Digital Commercial Service (DCS)

DCS is a partnership between the Scottish Government’s Scottish Procurement & Property Directorate (SPPD) and Digital Directorate. 

If the digital service or product you’re working on is a Digital Directorate or Corporate Transformation Directorate project, you should contact DCS.   

DCS facilitates the delivery of digital procurement, industry engagement and advisory services across Digital Directorate and the Corporate Transformation Directorate within core government. 

Send an email to DCS 

More Powers Implementation Procurement 

The More Powers Implementation Procurement (MPIP) provide procurement support to: 

  • the Social Security Programme 

  • Social Security Scotland 

  • Employability 

  • the National Care Service 

  • Consumer Scotland 

Send an email to the MPIP 

Scottish Government Procurement Team 

The Scottish Government Procurement Team (SGPT) provides support to customers in the core Scottish Government, outwith Digital Directorate, the Corporate Transformation Directorate and More Powers Implementation Procurement. 

Current work includes supporting the Rural Payments IT platform, Digital Planning Transformation Programme and digital evidence sharing capability. 

Send an email to the SGPT 

Shared Services Team 

The Central Government Procurement Shared Services team provide a hands-on procurement service to Scottish Government agencies, non-departmental public bodies, tribunals and national services. They have been involved in a wide range of procurements delivering IT systems, IT services and software. 

Send an email to the Shared Services Team  

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