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How to publish web content or create a new website

If you work in a Scottish Government directorate

Any web content you create should be published to either or

If you want to create a new standalone website, you might be given permission for:

  • an inquiry, commission or similar project which needs to demonstrate independence from the Scottish Government
  • a short-term marketing campaign
  • a partnership where outside organisations are supplying content, functionality or interaction
  • a site that has an evidenced need for functionality that is unavailable, and could not be developed, on existing sites

To create one of these websites, you must get permission by emailing

Otherwise, if your content is about policy, proposed legislation or service changes, or provides corporate information about the Scottish Government (including news, blogs and consultations), it should be published on

If your content is about helping the people and businesses of Scotland access public services, or find out about what they can or cannot do by law, it should be published on

If you're not sure where your content should go, either content team can advise you:

If you work for an executive agency or other public sector organisation

If you work for an executive agency or other public sector organisation within the scope of the Technology Assurance Framework, you do not need permission from the Scottish Government to create a new website.

However, you must coordinate with the Digital Assurance Office. Contact the Digital Assurance Office for more information.

Scottish Government Design System

The Scottish Government Design System is a collection of reusable styles, components and patterns you can use to build accessible and usable websites, micro-services such as online application forms, and web applications. It's open source and free to use.

We expect the Design System to be used to build online services commissioned and delivered by: 

  • Scottish Government directorates or policy areas 
  • Scottish Government campaigns with an approved sub brand 
  • organisations in the Technology Assurance Framework - check the Technology Assurance Framework on

Use of the Design System is part of the Digital Scotland Service Standard assessment of new government services. To find out if the Design System is suitable for your service, email

Digital Publishing

The Digital Publishing content team can advise you on content strategy, modelling and resourcing by emailing

You might also be able to get support from the Scottish Government with:

You should contact the relevant team as early as possible to make sure any deadlines can be met.

If you’re on the SCOTS network there is further guidance on creating and maintaining websites on the Saltire intranet.

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